“It is essential that the lessons of history…be learned anew again and again by every generation…I consider it to be one of the most vital tasks to make the rising generation conscious that tolerance, that open-mindedness towards our fellow citizens, are indispensable virtues.”
German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Town Hall Los Angeles is a non-profit, nonpartisan speaker’s forum, providing a vital platform for discussing and debating today’s most pressing issues. One of the Top 10 Leadership Forums in the nation, Town Hall is dedicated to promoting civic participation in the Los Angeles community. In a world of sound bites, Town Hall embodies the values of a democracy and the role of an engaged citizenry.

We convene an average of 24 events each year that cover a range of topics, including public policy and politics, the economy, education, arts and entertainment, infrastructure, and other pressing issues impacting our region. Speakers are never paid to come to Town Hall; they come because they know the power of our podium and the size and importance of this market. Past speakers include Harry Truman, Nelson Rockefeller, Ronald Reagan, Thurgood Marshall, Ray Bradbury, Benazir Bhutto, Angela Merkel, and Sandra Day O’Connor.

Founded in 1937 by Los Angeles’s business community, Town Hall continues to be supported entirely through memberships and grants from individuals and organizations in our region. Town Hall programs are premier networking events, attracting a vital cross section of audiences from a diversity of business, civic, demographic and geographic constituencies.

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To present issues that affect the Los Angeles community and provide a platform for the discussion of solutions from a nonpartisan point of view.