On Thursday, November 15th, LAUSD Superintendent, Austin Beutner, enthralled a captivated Town Hall Los Angeles audience as he spoke about what the future has in store for Los Angeles Unified School District.

Beutner stressed that there is nothing more important than public education and that there are 1,225 schools represented within LAUSD, with over 700,000 students.

“Los Angeles has lost sight of public education. The goal? To build what we do from the school and classroom, up.” – Austin Beutner

Keeping the spirit of a Town Hall meeting alive, Beutner allowed ample time for audience members to ask questions specific to issues that mattered to them individually. In addition to responding to charter school students in the audience, he also tackled subjects regarding racial diversity and the importance of funding arts education in schools.

With rumors constantly circulating about a possible teacher’s strike, Beutner remained optimistic about the future of where LAUSD is headed.

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