“It keeps my perspective open. I listen to people I agree with and people I don’t. I learn from both.”
Town Hall Los Angeles Member

Since 1937, Town Hall Los Angeles has continued to present open, nonpartisan discussions thanks to the support of our members. The individual Angelenos and engaged corporations that join Town Hall are lifelong learners who seek to be informed on issues of regional, national and international significance.

When you join Town Hall Los Angeles, you join a community of Los Angeles’s most engaged executives and leaders. Please join us at the level most suited for you to access all that Town Hall has to offer. And remember, membership in Town Hall is tax deductible*!

If you have any questions on membership, please contact Kathy Richards, Membership Ambassador at [email protected].

* Town Hall Los Angeles is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization, Federal Tax ID# 95-1727673.

Members, please make sure to login to your account to renew your membership.

Corporate Membership

If business development, retention, and employee growth are important to your business, please consider joining Town Hall as a Corporate Member.

When you and your company join as a Corporate Member, you join a diverse group of organizations who are committed to public discourse, representing industries such as: law, banking and finance, health care, non-profits and foundations, public relations, infrastructure and utilities, and entertainment. We count amongst our corporate members four of the Top 50 Law Firms in America, three of the Big Four audit firms, and the two largest private sector employers in Los Angeles county.

As a corporate member, you can designate an unlimited number of your employees to share in the professional development that Town Hall membership offers. Corporate members also receive distinctive promotional and marketing benefits as well as the opportunity to participate as subject experts on Town Hall panel programs.


Individual Membership

If you are interested in personal and professional development, or have appreciated Town Hall programs in the past, please consider joining as an Individual Member. We have many membership options:

  • President Level: Our general membership, with exclusive benefits
  • Executive Level: Our general membership
  • Nonprofit Level: For nonprofit members registering with their work email address
  • National Level: For members living outside of Los Angeles County
  • Student Level: For active students with an .edu email address

Town Hall was formed in 1937 by a group of business leaders committed to open, free public discussion. Today’s Town Hall members reflect the values of our founders and represent a cross-section of business, civic, demographic and geographic constituencies. You will have the opportunity to meet business and civic leaders and expand your understanding of critical issues. This exchange is transformative and why our members cite “professional and personal development” as the No. 1 membership benefit.

Young Professional
$75 / year