The Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall was honored to host Dr. Laszlo Gyorgy, Hungarian Minister of State for Economic Strategy and Regulation for a discussion on Hungary’s economic strategy. The talk was moderated by Mr. Raphael Pauwels, who acted in his private capacity, though holds the title of Belgian Commissioner for Trade and Investment in Los Angeles.

Dr. Gyorgy focused on the key theme that the world is smaller today than ever before, and that we all face the same issues no matter where we live in the world. Some of the many important issues he highlighted were climate change, human migration, and technology.

He spoke to some of Hungary’s recent international programs, including “Hungary Helps,” which he described as similar to the United States Agency for International Development, and an international scholarship program which the Hungarian government sees as an educational exchange program, seeking to connect with foreign students studying in Hungary and build deeper trading and political relationships with once they return to their home countries.

He also spoke to Hungary’s need to play nice with all the large countries who hold power in their neighborhood, including Germany, Russia, and the United States.