As the world mourns the passing of Margaret Thatcher, Angelenos are remembering and reflecting on their touch points with the United Kingdom’s first female prime minister.


The Right Honorable Baroness Margaret Thatcher spoke at Town Hall Los Angeles on March 27, 1993, three years after she left office.


Before she began her remarks on the world economy, Baroness Thatcher described her early career as “I couldn’t go into politics because I had to earn my own living and so I became a chemist – it was one of the best things I could ever have done because in chemistry there is a very rigorous discipline.  It is first find the facts and then deduce your conclusions.  I’ve always felt it would be advisable if more politicians had chemistry qualifications.”


A Town Hall attendee, after hearing Baroness Thatcher, commented, “I was impressed by what a good speaker she was, and that she had a sense of humor, and, by how much she captivated the audience more than other world leaders.  She’s much warmer than the ‘Iron Lady’ image that she has been given.”


As a longtime Town Hall member, I can appreciate the value and benefits of hearing a speaker first-hand.  As Town Hall’s new president, I am amazed by the many world leaders and great thinkers who have graced our podium, including Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan, both mentioned in the Baroness’ speech.


I am equally enthralled by Town Hall’s immense archives in which words of wisdom and wit — such as Baroness Thatcher’s — continue to endure so generations, our own and future ones, can learn from them and be inspired.


I look forward to seeing you at Town Hall programs – nothing can compare to being in the room when a speaker’s words become history and part of the rich tapestry called knowledge.


Kim McCleary, President