Thank You!

As we begin our 74th year of operations, a big thanks to the many people who were so generous to us and our American Heritage Program in our end-of-year appeal. Hundreds of students will get an opportunity that makes a difference. Time and again, students tell us how they never believed they could meet a Governor or a Secretary of State or a CEO of a Fortune 100 company - and how that meeting changed something for them. You make this happen.

We have been working on programs that will keep you ahead of the news of the day; programs where you will hear strategic and breaking news that has value to your business, your interests - and definitely benefit your conversational repertoire! In the coming weeks - don't miss the Secretary of The Smithsonian, the new President of the NCAA, the new National Executive Director of the Screen Actors Guild, the new President of Anthem Blue Cross of California. You can sit back and get your news a thousand ways, or you can be part of the action and at your next meeting - when someone brings up health care or college athletics, you can say: "When I was talking with the President of Anthem Blue Cross", or "You know, I asked the new head of the NCAA that very question and he said..." You can stand on the bridge and watch the river go by, or you can swim with us. Happy New Year! See you soon?

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