By: Kyle Langan

At Town Hall Los Angeles’ debut Coffee & Conversations event, famed LA media icon, Patt Morrison, took the podium to discuss her new book, “Don’t Stop the Presses! Truth, Justice, and the American Newspaper,” and comment on the current journalistic climate.

Morrison, a longtime columnist at the LA Times, used the event to weave a funny and poignant narrative of how newspaper journalism has evolved since the early days of American news reporting. From trends in the Hearst and Pulitzer era, to the rise of photojournalism, to the current Commander-in-Chief’s accusation of fake news and its implications on journalists, she, just as she does in her own reporting, left no stone unturned.

She also described how important newspapers are, despite their struggle to compete with the growing online media industry.

“Where do you think websites get their news from?” Morrison asked the crowd, rhetorically. “Newspapers!”

She also advised on the importance of supporting local newspapers, even in the most seemingly remote locations. Each community has a story to tell and by allowing them to tell their truths, we are giving power to every corner of our country that offers unique perspectives of what’s happening there, and nationally.

“If you have extra money, buy newspaper subscriptions to local newspapers – in North Dakota, for example. Even if you don’t read it, you’re supporting local journalism and important voices across our country that speak the truth of what’s happening in communities.” – Patt Morrison

The crowd was thrilled at the chance to hear Morrison’s observations and the opportunity to connect with her one-on-one at the Q&A portion of the event. Find full quotes and snippets from the event on Town Hall Los Angeles’ Twitter feed.

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