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As a forum for best business practices, Town Hall is excited to announce several seminar series addressing issues of great concern to Los Angeles businesses, their employees, and the community-at-large. The topics include Disaster Preparedness, Education, Health and Science, Finance and Economy, Citizens and Their City, and the Environment.

The focus of the series will not be on the debates surrounding these topics, but rather, solutions. We will identify policy makers, non-profit organizations, non-government organizations, and businesses in the Los Angeles five-county region that actively solve problems in the midst of the debate.

The series will include panels, as well as, individual speakers at keynote events. All series events will reach out to the community by taking place throughout the Los Angeles region and distributed via and media partners.

The overall objectives of theses series include identifying imminent issues provoking questions in these areas, bringing experts and prominent leaders to develop the answers, facilitating action of best practices, engaging business leaders, and disseminating program content and deliverables in a variety of media for immediate impact.

There are many opportunities for sponsoring, partnering, underwriting, or broadcasting these series. If you are interested in participating, please contact Chamara Russo at 213.312.9460.

Check back often for information on the series events.