Privacy and security relative to personal and financial information are extremely important to TOWN HALL Los Angeles and its members. We go to considerable lengths to make sure that your personal information (financial and otherwise) is secure and private.


TOWN HALL Los Angeles does not and will not sell, rent or otherwise make available any contact or financial information about our members in any form to outside entities except for those transactions initiated by you through secure online registration and payment that will be validated by credit card organizations and financial institutions.


This privacy statement has been written to inform you of our privacy practices when you:

  • Become a member of TOWN HALL Los Angeles
  • Provide information through our web site
  • When you visit our web site
  • When you register for an event
  • When you attend an event
  • When you email us


Membership Information

We do not disclose any information about you to any third parties. We do not share our membership lists with any other organization. On the occasions when we co-host events or offer reduced rates to attend events hosted by other organizations, all communications or mailings are done by us and no information is provided to anyone else. Your membership information is used only by TOWN HALL Los Angeles to provide services to you, our members.


Visiting and Ticketing thorough our Web site

TOWN HALL Los Angeles collects no personal information without the consent of the user. We are users of and signatories to Google Checkout ( and through that relationship honor their privacy program. You are encouraged to visit Google Checkout learn more about their policies. No information provided through our web site is used for any other purpose than that which you intend.


Email to and from TOWN HALL Los Angeles

All email correspondence to TOWN HALL Los Angeles and all email addresses of our members and constituents are private and all email addresses are archived in secure servers. We have an opt-out policy for all recipients of our emails, on the emails themselves, and for our members. For changes in contact information or to be removed from the database, please email [email protected]


Financial Information and Records From Events
All financial information and records received from members and all others attending our events is held private and is hosted on secure servers. Physical records are secured and online financial information is regulated and overseen through our relationship with Google Checkout. Every effort is made to insure the integrity of your records.


No contact information is provided to any third parties except where it is specifically required, as in the case of courses for continuing education or with high-security events. When contact information is required to be distributed to third parties, notification will be made prior to collecting that information.