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Los Angeles, CA ??" Thursday, May 1, 2008 ??" Alberto Guimar??es, President, Petrobras America will deliver the address ???Petrobras ??" A Case of Business Sustainability, on May 15, 2008 at The Regency Club. Angelenos have the opportunity to ask Guimar??es about where future energy sources will come from.


Petrobras America Inc. was incorporated in 1987 in the United States. Its mission is to provide quality service and products, pursue shareholder???s best interests, and show social and environmental responsibility in the US oil and gas industry. In March, Petrobras was the highest bidder for 22 blocks in the US Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale. Petrobras Strategic Plan calls for international growth through investments made in priority areas such as the American sector of the Gulf of Mexico.


Prior to his current position, Guimar??es served as the CEO of Petrobras Energia SA, which operates in six Latin American countries. He was also the Executive Manager for Business Development in Petrobras, where he headed the $3.2 billion acquisition of Argentina???s Perez Companc control, which became Petrobras Energia SA.


Throughout its 70 year history, TOWN HALL has hosted discussions with numerous leaders in the energy field, among them Dave O???Reilly, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Chevron Corporation and Frank Bowman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Nuclear Energy Institute.


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