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Los Angeles, CA ??" Friday, September 7, 2007 ??" The first event of TOWN HALL???s Writers Bloc takes place at 5pm on Sunday, September 23, 2007, at the Wilshire Theater. Town Hall welcomes Garrison Keillor as he discusses his latest novel Pontoon with Sandra Tsing Loh. The event is the first program since Writers Bloc joined Town Hall Los Angeles. Los Angeles literati is encouraged to participate in TOWN HALL???s eponymous question and answer session.


Keillor hosts "The Prairie Home Companion" which has aired on public radio for over 25 years. He is regarded among the nation's most respected political activists, essayists, screenwriters, actors, and novelists. His recently published novel Pontoon takes the reader to an idyllic life on Lake Wobegon. Told in Keillor's inimitable voice, Pontoon is at its core a celebration of family relationships - unconventional and completely funny.


Sandra Tsing Loh hosts KPCC's "The Loh-down on Science," as well as her long-running commentary, "The Loh Life." She is a playwright, performance artist and actor, and author of several books.


To expand its reach by partnering with an organization with deep community roots, Writers Bloc recently joined Town Hall Los Angeles. Over a decade ago, bibliophile Andrea Grossman discovered there was no permanent public forum in Los Angeles where authors could come with their new works to defend, discuss, and gain the perspective of Angelenos. Grossman knew an entire community of literary fans eager to talk to their favorite writers. In 1996, she began inviting authors and pairing them with equally prominent cultural figures. By joining Town Hall, Writers Bloc programs are more accessible to the public and media, while remaining lively and engaging.


For 70 years, TOWN HALL LOS ANGELES has been a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization comprised of engaged citizens dedicated to examining important issues facing our society. Being a civic organization in the ???Creative Capitol of the World, Town Hall members crave outlets for their interests. With the addition of Writers Bloc, Town Hall expands its reach within the cultural community. To engage with your favorite writers, Join TOWN HALL.