Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall Merger FAQ’s

1.    What are the benefits of the merger?

The new organization will offer you a wider variety of programs on both the Westside and in Downtown Los Angeles. The merger will put the new organization in a stronger financial position to ensure its legacy for years to come. It will also position it to attract more top-tier speakers to address timely issues of global, national, and regional importance.


2.    What will the new organization be called?

As the names of both organizations are well recognized both domestically and globally, the new name will be: Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall.


3.    What will the new organization’s focus be?

We will continue to be an open public forum that educates and inspires individuals about the most pertinent topics that face our community. The creation of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall widens the coverage of issues for members and is a recommitment to lively, topical forums designed for public attendance and participation.


4.    How will the events and programming change?

Our program offerings will expand and include events on foreign, domestic, and local topics. Our larger scale and presence will enable us to attract highly coveted speakers from various industries. We will continue to host breakfast, lunch, and dinner events, as well as auditorium talks, Young Professionals events, and film programs. The Travel Program and High School Program will continue, as well.


4.    How will the Young Professionals program change?

The merger will combine the YP memberships of both organizations. They will build a joint Young Professionals Board, drawn from the current Young Professionals boards of LAWAC and Town Hall LA, and will retain a Co-Chair from each organization. This new, stronger structure will produce timely programs of global and domestic importance.


6.    Will the pricing of membership change? What will happen to the different membership tiers?

There will be no changes to Los Angeles World Affairs Council’s membership pricing or membership tier. For the time being, Town Hall Los Angeles’ membership levels will stay the same. However, in several months, we will be integrating their member status into the LAWAC’s membership structure which will offer you more membership options.


7.    When is the merger happening?

We have filed articles of incorporation with the California Attorney General and expect the process to be completed by mid-to-late August.


8.    How do we stay updated about the merger?

Pertinent information related to the merger will be sent out to you via email. We will also post information about the merger on our respective websites: www.lawac.org & www.townhall-la.org.


9. What will happen to the current LAWAC and Town Hall Los Angeles websites?

The LAWAC and THLA websites will continue to operate independently for approximately six months. During that time, we will be developing a new website and back end system for the new organization. During this transition, please continue to register for programs as you do today.  World Affairs Council members should log into www.lawac.org to register for events, renew membership, and make donations. Town Hall members should register for events, renew memberships, and make donations at www.townhall-la.org.


10. Will there be any changes to the board?

The merger will result in a substantially stronger board of directors. The leadership positions of the board will be comprised of equal members from both Los Angeles World Affairs Council and Town Hall Los Angeles,


11.    What will be the new mailing address?

The mailing address will remain the same for LAWAC members. The staff from Town Hall will move into the office in Culver City. All membership renewals, ticket payments, and donations by check should be mailed to 3535 Hayden Ave, Suite 200, Culver City, California 90007.