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On the occasion of our 25th Anniversary, then US President John F. Kennedy sent a telegram to Town Hall President Eldon Smith. It read:

"I am pleased to join the many friends of Town Hall in extending congratulations and warmest best wishes on the occasion of your 25th Anniversary. Your organization has long been recognized nationally as a hospitable forum for the discussion of public issues and as an instrument of public enlightenment.

As you enter your second quarter century, it is my hope that Town Hall will redouble its efforts in identifying, discussing, and helping resolve the vital issues facing California and the nation."
December 5, 1962

The words of Town Hall's constitution and the motivating words of President Kennedy and others who participate in Town Hall Los Angeles keep us centered on our mission of civic participation and discussion on issues of regional, national, and international significance.

Throughout the site, quotes from Town Hall speakers appear, as well as full transcripts of our programs. The statements and opinions of persons speaking to Town Hall Los Angeles are theirs alone and in no way reflect the opinions of Town Hall, the Board of Directors, Members, or Partners.

As we approach our fourth quarter century, we welcome open discussion of the issues that are defining our times. Participants of Town Hall Los Angeles have a front-row seat on history in the making. Join today!