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"Town Hall shall maintain an impartial position as an open forum for the discussion of public questions and shall diligently develop the relevant facts and report them without bias."
-- From Article II, Town Hall Los Angeles Constitution, 1937

Town Hall offers many opportunities for community involvement by partnering with foundations, corporations and non-profit organizations. Foundations become involved with Town Hall to be instrumental in bringing forth new solutions to urgent questions for the Los Angeles community. Foundations sponsor events, underwrite programs, and fund student participation. Town Hall's partners join forces with a respected and stimulating organization that assembles a wide range of points-of-view around common interests. Demonstrate your role as corporate citizen with a valuable commitment to the community and partner with us.

Corporations are offered benefits by becoming members, sponsoring events and underwriting programs or outreach campaigns such as the TOWN HALL LOS ANGELES JOURNAL. Corporations who participate with Town Hall reward their employees, too. We offer individual member benefits to every employee.

Non-profits are welcomed to become Civic Members of Town Hall. Each employee of the organization will receive individual membership benefits. Furthermore, we are anxious to cross-promote the efforts and events of fellow non-profits. Our web site contains "Partner Event" pods on each page which contains information about the event and links to the event's site for easy registration. Email us if you are interested in receiving our event calendar and sharing yours.

For more information on community involvement, please contact us.