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The idea of a Town Hall is as old as democracy itself. It began in the agora, the public open space at the heart of ancient Greek cities, where people came together to examine issues of vital importance to the community. As a participant in Town Hall Los Angeles, you join a rich tradition of open democratic discussion at one of the oldest forums of its kind. We work to promote a public discussion on issues of regional, national and international significance.

Since 1937, we have been dedicated to promoting civic participation, pride and awareness. Today, Town Hall Los Angeles is among the Top 10 executive speaker forums in the nation, and the only one of that group in Southern California.

Our goal is to expose the community to new points of view through a vigorous exchange of ideas. In Town Hall's unique public forum, everything is up for discussion. Participants can look a world leader or corporate mogul in the eye and ask a direct question that leads to a better understanding of timely issues. Through engaged audiences and provocative speakers, we strive to help people Be Informed.

Our programs serve as a gathering place for people who want to participate in the present and shape the future. We have hosted heads of state, corporate leaders, educators, scientists and visionaries. No one receives an honorarium to speak at Town Hall. Speakers come to share their insights, spark a conversation and promote their ideas.

Our membership reflects the diversity of Southern California, and consists of leaders from all economic and intellectual perspectives. Individuals may join Town Hall at several levels of membership, each of which includes advance notice and reduced rates to all events, plus admittance to the Members-Only section of the site.

Town Hall's American Heritage Student Program extends the message of civic involvement to a new generation, inviting area high school, college, and university students to participate in our events. Together, the topics, speakers and audiences at Town Hall create an experience unparalleled in Southern California.