5/22/15 - Transcript - Dennis Arriola, President and CEO, SoCalGas

On April 2nd, Dennis Arriola, President and CEO, SoCalGas, spoke to Town Hall Los Angeles on "Fueling Our Future Economy." Mr. Arriola discussed the importance of diversity in our energy sources, emphasizing the role natural gas will play in the short- and long-term future. Arriola argued that energy goals must be balanced with a healthy economy, and part of that is having a balanced and diversified energy portfolio. Renewables, natural gas, hydrogen, and potential future energy sources will support each other in maintaining a reliable and safe energy supply into the future. He also discussed how CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) vehicles can impact regional air quality without affecting efficiency.

"And I think that???s what I want you to walk away with, with natural gas. It???s not an either/or choice. It can be renewables and natural gas. It can be renewables and natural gas and hydrogen. And there???s probably some things out there we don???t even know about, some things that the students here at Lincoln are probably working on, that 10 to 15 years from now, you???re going to be the future entrepreneurs and we???re going to be asking you to answer all these questions and to take on the challenges. So pay attention, all right?...So it really is about a diversified portfolio and making sure that we don???t focus on one endpoint."

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