3/4/15 - Transcript - Dr. Zhihang Chi, Vice President and General Manager-North America, Air China

On Thursday, November 6, 2014, Dr. Zhihang Chi, Vice President and General Manger-North America, Air China spoke to Town Hall on "U.S.-China Relations in the New World Order." Dr. Chi, who was raised in China and is a naturalized American citizen, spoke to the cultural differences between the two countries and how continued diplomacy is necessary to help each country's citizens understand each other better.

"The U.S. and China much focus on bilateral relationships.  It cannot afford to let side issues such as maritime disputes in the region to be a distractor...Both sides need to tone down their rhetoric, stop lobbing barbs over the airwaves, but engage in more constructive one-on-one conversations.  The U.S. in particular needs to entertain the thought that this is a very big world.  Maybe, just maybe, a different political system could work in some other part, or parts of the world.  The media needs to take responsibility.  Sensationalizing journalism is the last thing we want."


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