On November 8th, literary enthusiasts and explorers alike converged at City Club Los Angeles to hear Steve Elkins, award-winning cinematographer and explorer, discuss his iconic expedition to Honduras whereupon he discovered two ancient, “lost cities” that were believed to only be urban legends.

Elkins regaled the audience with the exciting tale of his journey, and proved he was the perfect Coffee & Conversations speaker because of his uncanny storytelling ability.

He spoke of some of his findings in Honduras, which included residents with six fingers and toes, and the animal that posed the deadliest threat to the trip – some explorers are still recovering from the animal’s attack, six years after being affected.

Steve Elkins - Town Hall Los Angeles

And about the city he discovered? Who lived there?

“The culture from which the city is based is a hybrid between Mayan & other South American civilizations,” Elkins said.

He also provided new updates as to how the discovery affected the entire country of Honduras and the benefits that the expedition and book have brought to the country overall.

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