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This year brings to mind Einstein's relativity of time - and this year certainly went (relatively) faster than others! But as you sort through the solicitations, felicitations and long family and friend letters - think about how lucky we are to be here, now. Los Angeles in the 21st Century is a vibrant component of a vibrant nation. We wish you the very best, safest, warmest and most fulfilling holiday and New Year.

The Presidential election is over, the disagreements at dinner tables and diner tables has quieted, and now we get to do it again! A'int we the lucky ones? So stay with us for another cycle as we try to unpack the various issues and what they mean. The races for City positions will become increasingly heated and interesting in the next few months - and we will bring you the best information we can - as we have for the last 75 years. Jon Goodman, President

There's a new and frightening descriptor of voters floating around - the "low-information voter." The phrase was coined by political scientist Samuel L. Popkin to describe those who vote without knowing much about the issue or candidate and, indeed, the world in which they live. You and I - because of our involvement with Town Hall Los Angeles - do not fit in that category. Nonetheless, because of California's system of propositions it's often easy to be well informed about most things but poorly informed about others.

Our 75th Anniversary Gala has come and gone, and the support we received from our members, the business community - and people and companies across America - was astounding. Almost 500 people came to celebrate Jim Thomas and the anniversary of Town Hall. It reminded me, again, of the importance of the long and shared history of this remarkable institution. Speaker series come and go.

We live in the here and now. It's part of the Los Angeles culture and a driver of the trends and technologies that emanate from this city. On September 7th we will be celebrating our 75th year with a celebration honoring Jim Thomas and (in true Town Hall fashion) providing you with some of the funniest political satire on the planet, courtesy of The Capitol Steps. Honoring Jim Thomas, the founder, Chairman and CEO of Thomas Properties Group is obvious. Who isn't enjoying our resurgent downtown?



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