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By Alec Mackie
Some might view LA’s water challenges as someone else’s problem to manage.
In his bestselling book The Big Thirst, Charles Fishman noted decades of reliable water in America have allowed us to forget how the system works and why it’s important. “The brilliant invisibility of our water system has become its most significant vulnerability.”

     There are a million ways to look at one’s life but I have always found it useful to have an organizing theory for my decisions.  During my PhD studies, I had a suite-mate whose mantra was: “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”  Although I admired his spontaneity, that’s not the way I roll.  For me, repotting is a central theme.  In a long and fascinating (to me) career, I recognize when opportunities can be seized if I am willing to transfer my roots to a larger pot.

Having a blog is integral to our mission of providing a platform for the discussion of solutions.  We advocate for no side, represent no particular ideology and stand solidly in support of free speech, civility and the belief that knowledge is a precious commodity. Now we'd like you to reach out through this platform that is an extension of Town Hall's traditional forum.  “Do You Know?” is a new project of Town Hall Los Angeles’ web site, designed to be a virtual forum for our contributors to share information, ideas and insights.

The new year has arrived, is speeding along and February looms!  It's not just a question of racing time; it's these mini-Rip Van Winkle experiences ("What?  It's the 11th of January?  How did that happen?") that seem strange.  We have planned a roster of speakers and events that we think is both important and interesting.  I hope you agree.

Heads up!!!!!!! Our website will be down for maintenance from the 22nd of December through the 25th!!!!!!!!! 2013. What a stunning thought. As we rush from one holiday joy (or chore) to another we will also be building wonderful programs for you. Town Hall's offices will be closed from Monday, Dec. 24 until Tuesday, Jan. 1 (although we'll still be communicating with some of the most astonishing speakers you will definitely want to know). We will reopen on Wednesday, Jan. 2. In the meantime, check out the great programs we have lined up for 2013 on our events page.



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