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Los Angeles, CA ??" Thursday, July 12, 2007 ??" Jim Newton, Editorial Page Editor of the Los Angeles Times, talks to TOWN HALL LOS ANGELES on Thursday, July 19, 2007 at TOWN HALL???S Clubhouse. Angelenos can ask Newton about the Times plans for the future.


On the changes in LA since coming to the Times, Newton says, ???LA today feels calmer, safer and more positive than it did when I first arrived at the paper. And the paper itself, well???I'd say that it's more ambitious in many ways but also severely tested in others.???


Commenting on his plans for the Editorial and Op-Ed sections Newton says, ???I'd like us to convey the sense that we are taking stock of the world, day in and day out, from the perspective of Southern California.???


Newton joined the LA Times in 1989. He has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize twice for local reporting as part of the paper???s team coverage during the 1993 riots and the 1994 earthquake in Los Angeles.


This is the first of two programs in 2007 focused on the Times. In October, we welcome new publisher, David Hiller. Throughout its history, TOWN HALL has hosted publishers, journalists, and editors. In 2005, we welcomed Gisselle Acevedo-Franco, then President and General Manager, Hoy Publications LLC. In 2006, journalists speaking to Town Hall included John Pomfret, The Washington Post???s LA Bureau Chief, and Lynn Sherr, Reporter and Author, ABC News.


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