You might have missed it (bet you did), but the Senior Senator from California, Dianne Feinstein spoke at Town Hall Los Angeles today. She said important things - really important things - about water, the Iranian plot against the Saudi Ambassador to the US, about the jobs bill and how the Senate is working (or not) these days, about cloture and cabbages and kings. I'm always amazed to find that people aren't hanging from the balconies and rafters to hear and ask questions of one of most formidable politicians (and policy wonks) of our generation...there were a few hundred people there...but not a thousand. In a city of millions? The reason there's so much outrage in the nation and so many outrageous people both in office and running for it is because of COMA - "Count On My Apathy". We get the government we deserve, it has often been said, and that worries me, a lot. Jon Goodman, President